They’re everywhere, and they are almost universally hated by everyone except members of their own tribe; fanboys.

First, let me begin by explaining that there is a very distinct difference between fans and fanboys.  Fans are people who enjoy a particular fandom, they may even be highly passionate about that fandom, but they also have common sense.  Fanboys, in contrast, are entirely unreasonable.  They also don’t understand how real life works, because they haven’t spent very much time in the real world.

Fanboys are the ones who will scream at the top of their lungs about how awful it is to try to make a superhero film grounded and reflective of real life, again because the real world makes them uncomfortable.  They will yammer on and on about how “Man of Steel” did a disservice to the character of Superman, while completely ignoring that a fist fight between two people with Superman’s abilities couldn’t possibly end any other way than with death and destruction in their wake.

These people have always existed, but they used to be very easy to dismiss as being completely stupid because they would often be outnumbered in their own circles.  Now, however, the Internet has given these people a very strong voice and they have become extremely loud.  The worst thing about these obnoxiously vocal fanboys is that there are some people out there who are actually listening to them.

We might never have had to endure the travesty that was the 2015 film “Fantastic Four” if the fanboys hadn’t cried so loudly about how much they hated the 2005 film and its sequel.  The truth is, 2005’s “Fantastic Four” was extremely true to the comic book – apart from the portrayal of Doctor Doom, that is – and the quality of those films very much reflect the quality of the comic books they were based on.  Yes, they were sort of lame movies, but that’s because the Fantastic Four itself is an extremely lame comic book, and has been for quite some time.  But because the fanboy voice decried it, Fox decided that the best thing to do was to move away from the source material.  They really should have known better.

The truth is, fanboys don’t know anything, and they should be ignored at every turn.  These are the people who were so adamant that casting Ben Affleck as Batman was going to ruin “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” yet everything we’ve seen from the film so far seems to indicate that Affleck might turn out to be the best Batman we’ve had to date.  And let’s face facts, “Daredevil” definitely had its issues but Ben Affleck wasn’t one of them.

Fanboys are making it increasingly harder to be a sane fan.  We have to deal with them showing up in the comments of articles about our favorite fandoms, and there is always a colony to rally around them.  It isn’t enough that they have their opinions – wrong as they often are – but they will also shame anyone who doesn’t agree with them, usually saying you aren’t a true fan or you don’t care about the source material simply because you recognize that movies are a different medium than comics and can’t be treated the same.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about this plague upon the fandoms.  For as long as there is a venue for them, they will be there gnawing away at common sense and spreading their vitriol and their hatred for everything that isn’t as crazy as they are.  The most we can do is call them out whenever they start spouting nonsense and hope they eventually go away on their own, though I wouldn’t bet money on that.

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